Observing what's currently in the NFT metaverse, We believe this collection has the most innovative utility anyone has developed in the crypto / NFT realm


gamester apes



The BAS Gamester NFT collection shall allow holders to access the BAS beta rewards phases that we will conduct throughout development. This will be a form of gamified farming, more play time will directly correlate to more rewards and players playing and testing the game will be able to mine BAS upon submitting feedback.

The Gamester NFTs can be deposited within a beta rewards farm contract, where testers are rewarded whilst they play.

The Gamester NFT line will have a champion mechanism (like a scholar mechanism), this allows the owner of an NFT to nominate an address/player to play on their behalf. There is a direct 50/50 reward split between owner and player for this process. This may be amended in future beta stages.

Deposited NFTs will have an owner and a selected Champion. An owner can be his own champion, however 2 NFTs cannot have the same champion. This means that each NFT will require a different player to play on its behalf even if the owner is the same.

These NFTs will be the premium beta access players for the current and all future BAS games. The BAS Farming rewards token allocation shall slowly be released to reward players participating in BAS beta phases.

All Beta games will also be playable by non gamester champions who will not be able to earn through the game. All player results are however recorded and displayed on a game leaderboard. The BAS team will retain some of the Gamesters and turn some of the highest ranking non-earner players on their leaderboards into Beta testers under the scholar model.


As the Gamesters are going to be randomized on chain with Chainlink and have encoded metadata including rarity coefficients, they shall in subsequent Beta phases be able to farm and earn in game utility tokens used to mint, breed, level up and govern the BAS world. The rarities of Gamesters shall dictate the rewards for play in these future beta phases.


There shall be a whitelist allocation of NFTs based on a series of competitions and a BAS staking round in order to reward holders. The team will reserve 100 NFTs for the team, 100 NFTs for Marketing and 50 NFTs for the Play to grind Champions model. 


The Staking round shall open 1 week before the NFT line launch and close 2 days prior to launch. A total of 2500 WL spots shall be reserved for it. The amount of WL spots per person will be calculated based upon the amount of BAS staked within the pool, more staked -> more WL spots.

The Whitelist round will last 3 hours, after which minting will be open to everyone.

BAS Beta Rewards Phase 1

The inaugural BAS Beta Rewards phase shall allow Gamesters to play and earn by playing Block Ape Scissors. The provisional release for the BAS game beta phase 1 is is TBA - planned to go live shortly after the gamester ape collection launch.

There will be 1.5 million BAS to mine in the first beta phase.

Players will earn:

5 BAS per 1v1 Battle

(This is awarded regardless of game result upon player feedback submission).

Leaderboards will soon follow the beta release detailing player results and the top 50 non-earning players will automatically be turned into scholars from the BAS team on a weekly basis until rewards conclude. Between each rewards phase the BAS team will analyse player feedback and improve upon the game mechanics for the following rewards phase.


Open BAS lootboxes and receive the most innovative NFT's in the crypto space.

Play BAS and earn lootbox tokens along the way.
Minimise gas fee's and increase the probability of rare NFT drops by combining up to 10 LB tokens to generate your lootbox. All facilitated by Chainlink technology

nft tier.png
nft reveal.png

evolution nft's

Evolution NFT's have a chance to evolve on the basis of challenging other players to a BATTLE.

Risk your rewards for the chance of boosting your use-case advantages; and visually upgrade to obtain the first ever VFX / animated 3D NFT's!



upcoming collections


Another evolutions item; battle an opponent with your Knight's integrity on the line!
Risk shattering your blade and losing it forever.
If thou ape wins, he can continue battling more brave Knight's to collect a full Knight's suit of armour!

The first ever animated 3D trigger NFT

Behold our Ape Vapes... engulf the table in a cloud of banana blast smoke at your own free will! Other apes will be going BANANAS at the fun you are having while you play our various game modes!

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