The Ultimate Competitive Blockchain Game

Battle across Arcas with your friends and claim victory! Join the ranks in our competitive 3rd person PvP shooter built in Unreal Engine 5.



Token Backed Battle Pass


Buy BAS tokens and gain instant access to the seasonal Battle Pass to receive token and NFT rewards whilst playing.

NFT Asset Economy


Own your assets: Play, Trade and Level up your NFTs in our ecosystem.

block ape scissors


Our ecosystem has been designed to provide gamers with a web3 native experience that rewards them for their time and commitment to the game.

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    Battle Pass

    Holding our BAS Utility token will provide instant access to the Battle Pass allowing players to receive reward NFTs and tokens whilst they play. The Battle Pass levelling will progress faster the more BAS tokens the user has.

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    NFT Characters

    Buy, Breed, Level up and Trade your NFT Characters with augmentable stats and traits that apply across all ecosystem games. There is a genetics system in place to create opportunities for breeding specific NFTs.

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    NFT Skins

    Win NFT skins from the Battle Pass or mint exclusive seasonal skins with BAS to create your character's unique look

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    Tribes will allow players to unite their Gamester NFTs in order to create player guilds. Members will then be able to stake their BAS into the tribe, giving each member the average


What happened


  • Token launched
  • Binance Incubation
  • Gamesters Sold Out
  • NFT Character Genesis Mint
  • NFT Marketplace & Webapp Released
  • 4 Games under development
  • Block Ape Scissors Web p2e Beta Released
  • Ape Shooter Vertical Slice Released
  • Fundraising 
What we are doing


  • Ape Shooter Closed Beta
  • Ape Shooter Early Access
  • Banana Gamefi Platform
What we are planning


  • Ape Shooter Full Release
  • Web3 Ecosystem Full Release
  • Fundraising Round
  • Block Ape Scissors Mobile Release

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